Monica Förster

Northern Swedish handicraft. Asian gourmet food. The elegance of high fashion. And even nature itself. Monica Förster's design is composed by many sentiments and contradictions - creating something new, strong, useful and poetic. Like for instance her Swedese table Breeze, inspired by a soft summer wind that creates small waves in the table cloth, forever reminding of a slow summer day. Monica Förster's work is also categorized by the meeting of pure form, strong or no colours and the curiosity for new materials and new technology.

Born in 1966, Monica Förster grew up close to the artic circle in the very north of Sweden. She was educated at Beckmans School of Design and Konstfack University of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden, where she also has her Monica Förster Design Studio. The clients for her design are based in England, Italy, Germany, Japan and Sweden. Monica Förster is represented in the International Design Yearbook and some of her objects are among the most internationally renowed in contemporary Swedish design.