This wall lamp by ACROTECTSTUDIO is inspired by the forms of old industrial tools. The lamp’s design redefines the usage of those forms and brings together elements of the past and the present.

This product stimulates creativity and improvisation:
The tubular arm can be rotated to the left/right by 180˚.
The cylinder holding the arm facilitates the cable management and allows the lamp mounting on the wall.

Thanks to the above features, you can easily adjust the length of the cable to suit your space and/or your preferences.

Hold My Light is solding with or without light source and it works great with E27 from MUUTO.

Dimensions: length: 28cm, width: 7cm
Weight: 0.5kg

Colours: Copper, Black, White 


Spyros Athanasopoulos
80  EUR
1 Quantity

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