Pendant lamp (1960)
The elegant Innolux Lokki is a pioneer among light fixtures made of plastic and is one of the best-known Finnish design classics. The design is innovative and timeless. The name Lokki comes from the Finnish word for seagull, which soar in the high, clear sky while the sun shines down. The Lokki pendant lamp light features are outstanding. It provides both indirect and direct light and is non-glaring, because the light source itself does not shine directly into your eyes from any angle. Innolux Lokki is made in Finland. The pendant lamp is available in two diameters: 700 mm and 500 mm. The Lokki suspension series is also available with wires measuring 3, 4 and 6 meters.

Size: Ø 700 mm
Lamp base: E27
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 3,3 kg
Cord lenght: 1,4 m

Delivery time 6-8 weeks.


Yki Nummi
345  EUR
1 Quantity