Stylish, luminous and pocket-sized. A slim, detachable bike light from Bookman, a Stockholm based company that makes accessories for bikes and people on bikes.

The design idea was to use the simplest shape possible and let the colors do the talking. We began with a block shape and then added the few necessary functional elements; the curved underside, the oversized rubber button and the groove for attaching the elastic cord.
So here is Bookman Light designed to meet the modern demands of material and energy efficiency, but most importantly to look fabulous on your bike!

Package content:
1 front light (white LED) and 1 tail light (red LED).
3 modes: Slow flashing, fast flashing and steady light.
Batteries: 2 x CR2032 in each light body.
To change the batteries, loosen the screws on the bottom.

Bookman Light works perfectly in all weather conditions. 


20  EUR
1 Quantity