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PALET Jar 70cl, Dark Grey

This mouth-blown storage jar from Holmegaard’s Palet range is a pretty shade of grey and, with the natural colouring of its oak lid, it is sure to grace any home The storage jar is a relaunch of the earlier 1960s range designed by Michael Bang The Palet range fits in perfectly with the contemporary retro wave, combining Sixties design with contemporary minimalism With its 07 litre capacity, the storage jar is ideal for storing coffee, tea, salt or sugar; or use it as a vase, or to store knick-knacks or jewellery, for example A great gift idea for someone who admires good design alongside quality and history

Material: Oak lid Mouth blown and painted glass.
Diameter: 9.8 cm
Volume: 70 cl
EUR 50 inc. VAT 24%

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