PH 5 Mini Monochrome

Henningsen designed the PH 5 in response to the continuous changes to the shape and size of incandescent bulbs. The PH 5 was introduced as a classic new product, and no one knew at the time that it would eventually become synonymous with the PH light. Irrespective of how the light is installed and no matter what light source is used, the PH 5 is and remains completely glare-free. The new PH 5 Mini is introduced in an innovative new colour palette, developed in collaboration with colour expert Louise Sass and plays with colours that start with the darkest tone at the top and soften shade by shade.

Material: Spun aluminium, spun copper or spun brass.
Height: 16.3 cm
Diameter: 30 cm
EUR 662 inc. VAT 24%

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Other versions

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