PH ARTICHOKE, Stainless Steel

When Henningsen designed the iconic PH Artichoke for the Langelinie Pavillonen restaurant in Copenhagen in 1958, he opted for solid copper leaves with a rose finish on the leaves’ interiors. This combination lent an exceptional warmth to the lamp’s organic form and beautifully reflected the light from its hidden source. The PH Artichoke creates soft, glare-free illumination, with its complex design and structure ensuring that the light breaks and filters evenly into the room. The light from the copper rose edition, in particular, creates an inviting ambiance. Today, the PH Artichoke is still partly assembled by hand to ensure high quality.

Material: Leaves: Brushed steel. Frame: Bright chrome plated steel.
Height: 46.5/58/65/72 cm
Diameter: 48/60/72/84 cm
FROM EUR 9.235 inc. VAT 24%

Other versions

Other versions

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