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This set of five bowls is made of stoneware, well known for its high strength and durability. The shapes of the Shallow Bowls has a timeless and Scandinavian aesthetic, combined with a stackable function and a delicate glaze. The five bowls fits perfectly inside each other for impressive serving and ease of storage.

The set of five includes one of each of the following sizes: (Note this is a completely handmade item, measurements are approximate and colors may vary slightly.)
XS: H 3.7 / Ø 7 cm
S: H 4 / Ø 13 cm
M: H 5 / Ø 21 cm
L: H 6 / Ø 27 cm
XL: H 6.5 / Ø 36 cm

Material: Stoneware
Height: 9 cm
Diameter: 36 cm
EUR 299 inc. VAT 24%

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